Mitcham Filipino-British Association

London Barrio Fiesta 2012

Community Corner

Doce Pares aims to promote the Filipino martial arts in and around the United Kingdom. Eskrima (or Arnis) is not as popular as other martial art styles, and many have not heard of this very effective art. We want Filipino martial arts to be seen and heard. We want people to be educated and potentially give them the chance to learn this.

We currently run FREE classes with the Mitcham British-Filipino Association every first Friday of the month. Catch us there!

Finally, we are also going to launch our Stay Safe Campaign soon, wherein we will be holding free monthly self defense classes for women and for kids (anti-bullying).

Previous events:

Philippine Independence Day and Salo-Salo (09 June 2013, Sun)

Philippine Sports Day (25 May 2013, Sat)

Doce Pares Workshops with the Mitcham Filipino Community (03 May 2013, Fri)

Doce Pares Workshop with the Mitcham British-Filipino Community (Mar 2013)

Chinese New Year 2013 (Feb 2013)

British Academy of Dramatic Combat (Nov 2012)

London Barrio Fiesta 2012 (Jul 2012)

Flores de Mayo in Royal Greenwich (May 2012)