Barrio Fiesta 2013

Barrio Fiesta 2013

Barrio Fiesta 2013

Sat-Sun 20th-21st July 2013, Apps Court Farm

This year's Barrio Fiesta is different from Barrio Fiestas in London ever known. This weekend's venue is Apps Court Farm between Hampton Court and Walton on Thames.

This is the 29th London Barrio Fiesta and it is packed with events and surprises with more stalls and celebrities from the Philippines.

Doce Pares was there to represent and promote the Filipino martial arts. People from all generations came to the area and had a good closer look at their own combative arts.

Doce Pares also did a demo on stage which fascinated guests and visitors. Some have seen eskrima for the first time, and some are more familiar with the group.

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21st July 2013, Sunday